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March 11, 2014

I went out for the 2nd day in a row on a run… Oh it hurt! It took me a few minutes to get going! My legs were sore… But I was happy to be out there. My foot felt good and after my run I have done almost everything I could to keep it well…

When my neighbor, Sarah came over to work on my foot I felt a little pain. She did adjust a few things in my foot that needed to be lined back up (also stated that my calves are really tight). I need a good calf rub down! Another doctor I saw said that my 2nd toe (the one longer than my big toe ;)) might be overlapping on my middle toe… So I am trying to separate my toes so I don’t irritate the nerves right there. That could also be the reasoning of the pain. So I have sterile strips rolled up and put between my toes… Yeah, I walked around all day with my toes that way. :/ And of course… Icing my foot.
It did began to snow hard soon after we finished our 42:56 min run. We ran 5.3 miles (7:59 pace). It felt good after I was done. šŸ™‚

Then I had Joy School at my house today. The kids were good and they listened really well. This is my last full week of teaching Joy School before the end!

We hung out at my neighbor’s house (Megan’s) and then I headed off for track practice. I didn’t take the kids today because it was way too cold outside… My 2 older girls went to a play at the Hale Theatre (a kids production) and they loved it. They went with my friend Rebecca W and her 2 kids (and we kept her youngest at our house). It was nice for her to take them!!!
At practice, I had one of my former runners come visit (she received a scholarship for running) and helped me run the practice. We combined a workout together. We had the kids run a mile and a half warm up. They came back and ran for 6 minutes as hard as they could. Had a 5 minute break (jog and walking), ran 4 minutes as hard as they could. Had a 5 minute break. Ran 2 minute hard; 5 minute break; 1 minute all out… Cool down for 2 miles. It was tough!

After I fed the kids (and Corom) dinner, Z (our Foriegn exchange student) and I went to a church activity for all the women. We had a great time and the dinner was good! It was a nice program they put on.

We watched the Bachelor tonight… It was the last episode. It was a good one. šŸ™‚ Thanks ladies (and Corom for joining us many times)… It was fun this season.
Lots to do today!

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