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Where Do I Begin

March 12, 2014

I had a rough day, emotionally! I may get into later in the post or I may not. 😉 I had a busy day but that is nothing out of the norm. My 2nd daughter (6 year old) did her own hair this morning (which is awesome and helpful) and then she went on to do her 5 year old sister’s hair…

I took my 3rd child (with my 4th) to speech class.

She did good today. They worked on the R sound. After speech I was able to ride the bike for 35 minutes. I needed to get some form of exercise in. It was to sweat some emotion out!

I watched a few extra kids today. It was nice because they played with my kids… I had a friend come over and bring me a Reese’s milk shake… She knew I needed a pick me up and it helped tons! Thanks Camille!

At track today, the girls played in the sand, which my 2nd child ended up throwing up in (a couple of times) because she had sand thrown in her mouth by my youngest. It was in front of the entire team… Yeah, I felt bad for the long jumpers. Oh well… What do you do? 🙂

The distance runners went on a 5 1/2 mile recovery run. They ended off with strides. They like these runs!

I had to leave because I had the scouts coming over. Fun times… The boys put on a little skit for us (my kids, Camille, her kids and I).

I took the girls (Corom had to work late tonight) and we went with our friends/neighbors to feed their cows and all the little baby calves. We had a blast! It is so much work and time for these guys. Amazing!!!

I really was fascinated by what they had to do for the baby calves. The ones that needed more nourishment, they had to catch and give them medicine…

I wanted to take a baby home with me!

The picture in the middle is of a newly born calf (just a little earlier). So cute!
Anyway… I learned a lot and my kids loved it! Thanks Nancy and James! That meant a lot and was fun!
The girls went to bed (after our bedtime routine) and I headed off for pool running/swimming. I was in the pool doing a pool workout for 45:00.

I’m exhausted and need to get some sleep!

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  1. Camille Burk permalink

    Wow what a great picture! Not. I think I got a big enough grin there.

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