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Spectrum 10k & More

March 15, 2014

Hilary and I woke up bright and early to get ready for our Spectrum 10k…

I decided that I was not going to get into race mode with it being my 1st week back. I ran a 20 minute warmup on a trail… So beautiful!!! (I am kicking myself for forgetting my phone:().
The race began and there were about 15-20 ladies in front of me for the 1st mile. We crossed the first mile and I looked at my watch… 5:30!!! Before I go on, it was a very aided mile downhill. Steep downhill! Miles 2 and 3 were also downhill with a few up (a rolling down)… Still fast and aided. I felt great and began to move up… That is when my competitive side took over. I can’t help it. 3 1/2 miles later we were out of the canyon and on the main road. I was in 3rd place now but didn’t think I could hold onto it. I was so winded by mile 4-4 1/2… The downhill took it out of my legs. 3 1/2 on was flat and up-hill and one short downhill close to the finish. I felt my endurance struggling! 🙂 I finished off with a time of 37:44 and I was able to hold onto 3rd. I was tired!!! I went on a 13 minute cool down. My legs were shot and so sore. But I am glad I was able to run this race.


My friends ran well! Melissa, Jay, Scott, Hilary, Amber, Jeff, the Moody brothers, Mike, Amber, Tyann, etc…
Hilary and I drove home right after… I went straight to a neighbor’s house to help clean. They are moving and had to be done by tonight.

Great family and we are sad they are moving. Corom was with the girls today and they were working with the clay again. My oldest is working on her art project for a school contest…

I noticed our dog “Kittie” was all white… I went outside and realized she tore apart my youngest’s pillow.

Corom and I went out to dinner with our friends the Booth’s and 4 others that we just met (well 3). We went to Buca Di Beppo. The food was great!!!
We came home after dinner and Corom and I and our friends decided to watch a movie. We got a knock on our door… There was a note for Z (our foreign exchange student). It was from a boy asking her to Prom. We (Z, Amy, Nicole and I) left on a scavenger hunt to find out who asked her out…


We had so much fun taking her around. She was so excited!

It was cute. We watched our movie and then went to bed.

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  1. That scavenger hunt is so cute! It completely distracted me from congratulating you on an awesome race. Yay to be back! And yay for Z. Sounds like a sweet boy will be taking her to a fun dance!

    • Sarah I was so excited for her! She was a little worried that she would not be asked. (The dances she has gone to have been ladies choice.) The boy is really cute and so nice. She is so happy! Thanks!

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