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March 14, 2014

I began my day with 1:02.55 minute run. I ran with Beth and Mac and it was great! We went easy and I don’t know how far I ran but it didn’t matter. My legs felt great and my foot did.
I opened up my daughters “gift” to me. It was so awesome and special.

The kids played at the park this afternoon and then we went to my 2nd child’s Star Award assembly. She totally tripped walking up the stairs… I felt bad but she played it off like it was no big deal. So it wasn’t! šŸ™‚

At track the distance kids went on a 5-7 mile run and ended their workout with strides.

It was a beautiful day!!!
Z (our Foriegn exchange student) went to a dance tonight. She looks so beautiful!!! A very nice looking couple.

I drove them to the Clarion Gardens for a dinner before their dance.

Then, I kissed my kids and husband goodbye and Hilary Olson and I drove down to St. George for the Spectrum 10k.

It is nice going into this race because there is no pressure. After taking a few weeks off to heal up my foot, I am excited to see where I’m at. Hopefully not too far off… šŸ™‚
On our way down, Hilary had to use the ladies room really bad. We pulled off the freeway and of course everywhere we went the business was closed! We even walked into a hotel and walked up and down the hallway to see if they had a lobby bathroom… Nope. I thought it was funny… Hilary did not. šŸ™‚ We finally found a restroom for her…

Good times! We had some good laughs… Mainly at my expense (other than the restroom). šŸ˜‰
We made it and stayed at Hilary’s friends house. It was fun!

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