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Running, Track & Turkeys

March 26, 2014

I began yet another day with a 1:03.27 minute run… I ran a little over 8 1/2 miles and I felt good cardiovascular but my legs were the achy sore. I did start off at a slower pace for the first couple of miles but then was able to pick it up for a more solid pace.
It was crazy hair day for my girls (and there are a couple of neighbor girls, too)…

My 3rd child had her speech therapy class today…

We then ran errands, had neighbor kids over and then went to track.
I was the only coach there for the 1st 45 minutes and then the jumps coach showed up. I love the distance runners because I don’t have to worry about them not getting their run in! It was an easy recovery day, so I sent them on an adventure run of 45-55 minutes. I knew they would do their workout and finish off with strides. I took over the sprinters today and gave them their workout…

It was fun making them do speed work! I also stayed with the throwers for the 1st hour and 15 until their coach got there… I was really impressed to see the kids (especially the captains) take over and do their workouts knowing that their coaches weren’t around! Very impressive and I was proud if the team!!!
This evening my oldest finished up her turkey project for the schools art contest tomorrow … She has worked hard on it and has really enjoyed doing it! Corom did not help her too much at all. He would explain how to do it but she did it!

We did have the talk about winning and she turned to me and said, “mom! I don’t care if I win, as long as I tried and entered something in then that is all that matters!” I love her teacher! She is so good to teach these kids the importance of trying and doing… And she made my job a lot easier. 🙂


She just needs to add the feathers and that is it.
Corom worked late tonight and he actually took the foreign exchange group program (Z’s program) on a tour through the jail. They really enjoyed it.

Good night!

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  1. I love the turkey! When I was a kid I dreamed of making awesome projects like this one. But the final product never looked that cool. What an artist you have! And a sweet girl at that.

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