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Church, Dinner & Hobowear!!!

March 30, 2014

This morning was great! Corom had to leave for a Bishopric meeting (a church meeting for his calling/duty) at 5:55 a.m. Our church starts at 9, so the leaders want to have all their meetings before church so after they can come home and be with the families. Anyway… That left me to get all the girls ready without help… It was pretty easy and smooth this morning. We were good to go by 8:30!

At church our youngest had a talk in the primary room (all the kids from 3-11)…

After, the girls and I made cookies…

Then we took our turn on the pot! This toilet has been sitting in our family room for 4 days now!!!!! I keep telling Corom to get it out of here. 🙂


I guess he is using it as an April Fool’s joke…
We went to our neighbor’s house for dinner (Martin’s)…

20140330-214048.jpg and then they came over to our house to look at Corom’s new clothing line Hobowear.


He just picked up a huge shipment of a thousand or 2 of different designs of Hobowear… So we shall see where that goes. :/ They turned out good!

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  1. sharle Gaston permalink

    I used to have a black tshirt of the hobo standing over the fire…where can i get another one???!!!!!!!!

  2. Sharle gaston permalink

    I sent u a few emails, plz contact me thank u

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