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April Fool’s Joke, Running, Track, Scouts, & More

April 2, 2014

So I woke up at my normal running routine time and headed out the door at 5 something… I was a little shocked when I went out the door and ran into this…

Someone (Travis- aka Bronie) felt the need to get us back… Yeah, it worked. It freaked me out a little bit. 😉
I met up with Amber and we went out for 1:01:17 (almost 8 miles). It was a beautiful morning!

My legs didn’t feel the greatest but that is a common thing for me. 🙂
Camille and I hung out with our kids playing and then the girls and I headed off to track…
More of my youngest doing Burpees…

And then off with the distance runners… They ran 5 miles and then finished off with 6 x 200’s.

I had the scouts meet at the track… We worked on fitness today.

Then Corom came home for dinner and we went to our friends house to eat. It was nice to go somewhere and not make dinner tonight! Thanks Megan! I folded lots of laundry tonight (Corom had to go back to work) and Camille came back over to hang out… Her husband is gone also so we decided to hang out.
I have been a little down and a little grumpy today so it really was nice having dinner taken care of and Camille to come visit.

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  1. Always nice to have good friends during slumps! I love the burpees. Gotta start them young! 😉

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