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April Fool’s Jokes & The Other Daily Routine Stuff

April 1, 2014

Today’s workout consisted of 1.9 miles of a warmup. 4 x 1200’s (1st one-slow: 4:17; 2nd one-too fast: 4:03; 3rd one: 4:10; 4th one: 4:11) around Christensen’s loop. This loop is a rolling hill 1200 meter loop. I was struggling! We went on a 2.2 mile cool down. Amber and I headed over to South Valley Gym and worked out our legs and arms for about 15 minutes and then headed home.
My 3rd child had Teddy Bear picnic for her preschool class today… She really wanted to bring this teddy bear:

I was able to go on a field trip with my oldest to the Hayward Farms… It was fun but cold!

The girls played with neighbors here at the house and then my neighbor took my girls for a little while so I could go to a track meet. The track meet was freezing!

The kids raced well considering the weather and we actually cancelled the meet due to weather after the miles finished.

I wasn’t to sad to have them cancel it. 🙂
Corom had a Bishopric meeting and brought “treats” to it…

The cookies are good but the chocolate balls are chocolate covered cotton balls… Happy April Fools… We brought a few plates around to neighbors and many of them fell for it. Z loved going with the girls to deliver the treats!

The men in the meeting with Corom fell for it! It was so funny! Corom played a little prank on me… I was showering and he poured freezing water over the top of the curtain! 😦

(Last year, while he was sleeping, I shaved a chunk of his 10 inches of curly hair off the top of his head)… I guess he was trying to pay me back! 😉 We “Bronied” another neighbor! He really likes My Little Ponies and I guess you call it Bronied if your a boy that likes it or something… Is that right Travis! 😉

We had G-goat (grandma) and grandpa Gary come over…

Much fun today oh except we did our taxes tonight. It wasn’t too bad just wish we were able to get a little more back (we owe $ for State this year :/). Oh well, overall we had a good day!

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  1. Ugh, we are dealing with taxes right now. Being self employeed means we basically get kicked in the stomach every April. I will be happy to see it done and over with. I love the chocolate covered cotton balls!

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