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Running, School, Track Meet & Drive to St. George…

April 4, 2014

I went out for my morning run at 5:30 a.m. with Mac and Amber… We went for 42:21.97 minutes today. A total of 5.2 miles. It felt good… I felt like I should have ran more but I kind of just wanted to get home! I had so much to do this morning that I would have been rushed and frustrated. But is was a nice run!
I wore one of Corom’s Hobowear t-shirts today… It is made of bamboo (94%) and 6% cotton.

I am so un-photogenic but oh well!
My 2 younger girls and I went to my kindergartener’s (2nd child) classroom for their “Spring” party. We had a good time and so did all the kids!

Corom met me at the girl’s school and took over… I hurried to the high school to hop on the bus to head for an invitational track meet…
As we were on our way, our bus driver got pulled over. I felt so bad for him…

I love police officers and all they do for us! But this one was not the nicest today… Oh well, I guess he was just doing his job.
At the track meet, the kids raced well. They ran hard, cheered loud and ate good food!

Our 2 milers raced well! It was fun to watch.
Corom and Mike Fullmer (our friend) came to the meet to pick me up. We left when the last race for our school was over. We, then, headed down to St. George for a sprint triathlon.

This should be really interesting because I am not a good swimmer or I guess I can say that I don’t swim! :/ I can do pool running but that won’t help in this race. šŸ˜‰ We shall see…
Our kids are playing with their cousins and having a blast! My poor sister!!!

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  1. I like the shirt a lot! Rock was asking me where the name came from? He says we might need to place an order. Congrats to both you and Corom what an awesome business adventure.

    • Corom made the name up himself… I came home one day and he was taking pictures of himself looking a little bummish with his beard and curly longer hair. That was almost 8 years ago… He finally got things hooked up with a company in China and put an order in. We now have a couple of thousand shirts sitting in our living room! This is something he has been wanting to do and it has been me that has shot him down. :/ I get really nervous using our “savings” but I guess we will see how it goes. šŸ™‚ so when I leave a comment for you on your blog… I never get notified with a response. I’m sorry if you have responded! As I posted Ina comment to you… I hope your new shoes help out your foot!!!

      • I am always all for trying your own thing. I came out to NYC to go to college to get into dental school. I ended up changing to political science and getting into law school. While applying to law school Rock and I started this sports business to get through the months we weren’t teaching skating (which I did to not take out loans in college). When I got into law school I deferred because I had a “feeling” about what we were doing and about Rock. My parents about killed me. But it worked out. We worked hard and here we are married and business partners and running mates. Not a bad deal. It just takes some hard work and lots of praying.

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