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Sprint Triathlon

April 5, 2014

Corom, Mike and I woke up this morning to beautiful skies… But it was a cold morning. I slept in the truck while the 2 slept outside. They froze and I was good with being warm… My back was a little sore when I woke up but it was not a big deal. 🙂

We parked near the starting/finish line to the St. George Sprint Triathlon. A few little things to do to prepare ourselves for the race (change my bike tire was one of them)…

And warming up before the race started was another thing that had to be done…

Yes… Warming up in a hot tub right before you race is not the best thing to do (it relaxes your muscles), but Corom, Mike and our other friend, Brady obviously weren’t worried about it. 🙂
On with the race… A 400 meter swim (a quarter of a mile), a 10 mile bike ride and a 5k (3.1 mile) run. I am so bad at swimming… This will be interesting!

This was our friend Brady swimming (he started about 20 minutes before us)… Corom is loudly cheering him on. :/
Oh the swim was the worst part!!! I am not a strong swimmer (as I just stated) and it was tough. I had to doggy paddle at one point in the race. :/ I was grateful when the kid who was counting my laps finally said I was done (the swim was in a pool… Thank goodness and it was 16 laps total). I finished that in 10:23 and ran out to get my bike and put on shoes, clothes, etc.

I used my mother-in-law’s road bike… What a huge difference from a mountain bike! A road bike is a lot more smooth and a lot easier! I finished the 10 mile bike ride in 34:23 and starting off on my 5k… I saw Corom and Mike starting their run as I headed into the last mile of my run (it was a loop).

I don’t know my 5k time (yet) but
I finished with a total time of 1:07.13 (the exchange times are included with this- how long it took from the swim to heading off on my bike and then from the transition from the bike to the run). I headed back out to run with the 2 (Corom and Mike)… And ran another mile and a half. They came in around 1:27. I wanted to get more running in but the food at the end looked to enticing!

We ran into many friends there and they all did great!


We had a good time. I placed 5th overall in women and 1st in my age group. I was a little shocked. But to tell you the truth it was not that big of a race. 😉

Soon after we headed home (about 3 1/2 hours). We were able to listen to General Conference on the radio on the way home. Great conference talks today!
Corom went to the Priesthood session (all the men 12 years and older in our church go to the church and listen to our Prophet and his Apostles, Counselors, etc.) We have General Conference twice a year. Tomorrow it will be broadcasted on television so all the LDS (Mormons) can see and listen to our modern day Prophet. (It was also on today and I was very grateful to listen to it on the radio.) A great talk by one of our leaders was Russell M. Nelson. He stated, “Even if everyone is doing it… Wrong is never right”. Another quote by Robert D. Hales, “Be careful who you follow.” Very good messages today!
Anyway… I picked up the girls from my sisters. They had so much fun with their cousins! Probably a little loud for my sister and brother-in-law… I then took the girls out to eat. They chose corn dogs at our local grocery store, Stokes…

That made it easy! We came home and played with their new baby chick…

It is so cute… The girls went to bed and 3 out of the 4 fell asleep by 7:30 p.m. 🙂 My youngest had a nap earlier I guess… So it took her a little bit longer. We watched a movie here later. I was in and out of sleeping. A long day but a good one.

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  1. What is it with corndogs? My nieces and nephews love that stuff!

    Congrats on the awesome tri finish. I thought about doing one until I started swimming and realized that I am a horrible swimmer. I can swim fine for fun and we even have a lake house. But put me in a lap pool and even the lifeguard comes over to offer help!

    I did cringe when I saw everyone in the jacuzzi. When we were skating we weren’t allowed in the pool before a competition. It really does relax the muscles. I did it once and my coach knew right away the next day. But it is so fun for a kid in the winter!

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