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Running, Track, Party & Family Night…

April 7, 2014

The ladies and I went for a 8.7 mile run this morning. It felt great and it was a beautiful morning. I went home for a little while… Sent Corom off to work and then went to track practice… It is our spring break here and we had about 70 to 80 kids that showed up this morning at 8. Very surprising!!!

I had the distance do a hard speed workout. They ran 1 1/2 mile warmup; raced an 800 with a 5 min recovery; raced a 400 with a 5 minute recovery x 3… (3 x 800’s & 4 x 400’s).

It was tough… The kids were so tired. I did give them the option to finish off with 2 sets of bleachers… Some kids said they couldn’t do it but most the kids, even though they were tired, finished the workout off with the bleachers…

I took the girls to a birthday party (and stayed to help out). They had fun!

Neighbors and neighbor kids were over all day and then for family night we had a few families over for barbecuing and desserts.

We had a good time! Well we did… I don’t know about the others. 😉

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