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Speed Workout, Track, Fun & Speeding Tickets…

April 8, 2014

16 x 400 repeats…. Very tempted to sleep in! My alarm went off at 4:55 a.m. and I slowly and lazily got up. I met up with Mac and Amber and we ran 2.3 (about 20 minutes) miles of a warmup. I then started the 400 repeats with a 200 (1/2 lap) recovery jog. 1)1:27 2) 1:27 3) 1:27 4) 1:27 5) 1:25 6) 1:25 7) 1:27 8) 1:24 9) 1:24 10) 1:24 11) 1:24 12) 1:24 13) 1:24 14) 1:24 15) 1:24 16) 1:23. I wanted to run 10 seconds faster than my goal mile (6:07) marathon pace. I was tired but it felt good. We (the 3 of us) met up after the repeats. We ran a 15 minute cool down. I headed to South Valley Gym and spent 10 to 15 minutes in there.
After getting the girls ready for the day, I headed off for track practice (it is at 8 a.m. all week)… The distance runners went off on a 45 minute recovery run. After one of the other coaches and I bought treats for all the kids that showed up…

I took the girls to a movie with a few other neighbors to see Nut Job… Cute movie. Then we went to Booth Brothers in Spanish Fork and rented my 2 older girls a violin.

That store is great and has great prices!!! My good running friend, Amber, teaches my girls piano and violin lessons. My girls love it…

The violin is so small. The girls played all afternoon with neighbor kids…


Corom and I went on a date tonight (after a short church meeting) to the Hale Theatre In Orem, Utah. We saw Big River (well half of it tonight)…

It was so good!!! During intermission we got a call about our taxes. The bank helped us with them this year and said we forgot to bring a form in and they needed it tonight by 9:15 p.m…. It was 8:45. We had to leave the play and hurry back home to get our form and drive to the bank. Well of course I got pulled over…

And yes I got a ticket for going 9 over (he brought it down for me)… :/ We eventually got home and Corom took off on a dirt bike to head to the bank… He ran out of gas. Awesome! 😉 he did make it and now we are home and about to go to bed. Good times!

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  1. What an adventure. Taxes, tickets, gas….! We finally broke down and had someone do our taxes this year. Being self employed it is so painful. Adding a ticket to the mix is no fun!

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