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Hill Repeats & Goblin Valley-No Service

April 10, 2014

Hill Repeats…. This mornings workout consisted of a 15 minute warmup and 3 sets (45-50 seconds) of a steep hill climb. The set consisted of 5 surges/sprints up the hill with a recovery jog back down, then went straight to the pond and ran a hard lap around the pond (a little longer than a 400- 1 lap around the track). We would do a recover jog back up to the bottom of the hill and start our next set. 5 hills and 1 lap around the pond. My legs were burning, especially on the last set. We finished off with a mile and a half cool down… I ran about 8+ miles and ran for 1:07.21. It was a great workout! Amber was with me this morning… She helps me so much by getting me out of bed. It is so much easier getting up knowing someone is there to meet with. I went to the gym and did my 15 minutes of weights… Not much but it is more than what I have ever done before…
I came home helped the kids get ready and headed off for track practice… The high school kids did the same workout as I did… They did 2 to 3 sets.

The picture does not give the hill justice… I was also standing at the half way point. Fun times!
After practice we packed up the car… Met up with other families and now we are on our way to Goblin Valley, Utah.

I am going to post this now because I won’t have service once we reach our destination… Until tomorrow! 🙂

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