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Birthday Bash & Goblin Valley!

April 11, 2014

Today is my youngest’s 4th birthday!!! I did wake up earlier than I wanted to so I could go for a run before everyone got up from camp. I went out on one of the most beautiful, solitary runs that I have been on. I was able to go for 1:01.34. It was an easy 8 minute pace I believe.

I ran through the canyon toward the “Goblin Valley”. So beautiful! I was able to recollect my thoughts and go over a few things in my head.
The night before pictures… We unpacked, set up camp, hiked, played around, ate dinner, hiked more, ate s’mores, played night games, ate more junk food, got hair stuck in the zipper, etc…


We even had our friend’s boy throwing up after all the activity and food…

I know… A little sick. 🙂

Now back to today and our youngest’s birthday… Everyone at camp was so good to her about her birthday. They were playing a game (all the kids) while we were getting breakfast (pancakes and eggs) cooked, when we heard my youngest (birthday girl) say to a bunch of kids around her, “guys, pretend I’m God, okay”… That sums up her personality!

Soon after we heard my oldest tell another little girl, “Kids are dumber and parents are smarter.” I am teaching her right! 🙂 Hopefully she still thinks this way in 5 to 10 years! We cleaned up and went out for more hiking with the Goblins…

The kids had a blast and who am I kidding the adults did too…



As we were waiting for our entire group (which consisted of all the men and older kids) to meet up, a lady (we didn’t know) came up and asked if we wanted their left over pizza because they didn’t want to waste it… Of course we couldn’t say no. She gave it to us in a plastic bag. 🙂

As you can see… It didn’t stop any of our kids from eating it. 🙂 We eventually had to pack up and leave… We stopped off at Wendy’s and bought our kids a kid’s meal (which is a very rare occasion). We said it was for our youngest’s birthday… Talk about excitement.

We played games and the girls had to poor water on their heads… I had to pee my pants so secretly I poured water on my pants. The girls thought I was the best. 🙂

My youngest opened up birthday presents…

And my mom sent out Frozen as a gift to all the girls…

Just a little excited! We had brownies for her cake…

Our neighbors came over for s’mores and fun. It has been a fun and eventful day.

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  1. What an awesome trip! Man Frozen gets the every time. Rock keeps singing “Let It Go” in all of our preschool sports classes. Except he doesn’t know the actual words and it drives the kids nuts.

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