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Big Kids Big Wheeling, Baptisms, Running & Easter Fun

April 12, 2014

My 2 older daughters and I went to a baptism for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon ) early this morning. It was for a family friend. We then went to an Easter Egg hunt. The girls had so much fun!

After the Easter fun, Corom, the girls and I went to another baptism for neighbors of ours. It was a beautiful, spiritual experience.

They are a great family! The girls went to another Easter thing at the Assisted Living center with some neighbors… And I went for a run (1:01.39). I ran at a moderate to hard pace. My legs were tired today but I pushed through it. I ran on the road, on a trail, and in the rain…

I was soaking by the time I finished. We had the Villalobos over for dinner (they were baptized this afternoon) and then Corom’s mom watched our girls for us while Corom and I with some friends (Fullmers- his brother & wife, Travis and Devon) went Big Wheeling! 😉 We met up at the Fullmer’s and quickly fixed what needed to be fixed on the big wheels…

Once they were loaded up in the van, we drove to the top of Woodland Hills and began our ride down… (About an 8 minute straight down hill).

Corom gets up to 50 mph (I have reached about 40-43 but with Corom weighing more can go faster)… The steering rod on the brown van broke off on one of our drop offs… All part of the adventure. Poor Mike (Fullmer) but it was entertaining to watch the guys try to turn the wheels manually to pull it off the road. Once off the road we continued on with the riding…

My girls had fun at grandmas and Corom and I had a blast goofing off! Fun times!

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  1. That looks so scary! I love running in the rain. I think it can be so fun. I also love baptisms. I think they are such a special day. I once welled up with tears during a baptism during a Sunday service for a baby I had no relation too. The hymn they played afterwards just touched me somehow.

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