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Running, B-day Party, Track & Family Night

April 14, 2014

I ran this morning with Beth, Mac, Amber and Aubrey… We set out at 5:30 a.m. (I actually ran almost a mile before meeting up with everyone). I felt great and ran 9.2 miles in 1:10.11. It was a good morning and I got good sleep the night before.
I watched 4 extra kids today and then had a informal birthday party for my youngest. I didn’t really plan anything… I just invited the kids in our neighborhood/church that was her age…

A lot of the parents stayed to hang around… The kids had fun! We did a little Easter egg hunt and then had cupcakes (with no frosting… I kind of forgot about the frosting) ;). It was our neighbor’s birthday too… She turned 3 today so we celebrated hers too…

It’s her party… She can cry if she wants too! 🙂 oh and she did on many different occasions!
At track practice half the distance kids ran a hard speed workout (2 600’s at a little slower than mile race pace, 2 400’s at mile race pace, 2 600’s at mile race pace, 4 400’s at 3 to 5 seconds faster than race pace). They ran a mile for a warm up and a mile for a cool down.

The other half (JV runners) have a meet on Wednesday so they ran a warmup and then ran the 2 600’s and ran a 3 mile route. They finished off with strides.
Tonight for family night, my 2nd child gave the lesson and then we played a “animal sherades”. Good times! We went and visited a new family that moved in down the street from us. They are a really nice family!

It took a long time to put the girls to bed! They were on a sugar high!!!

The girls loved this little treat!!! 🙂 Mary and Ceri… You’re the best.

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