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Speed Workout, Track & More

April 15, 2014

I had a great speed workout today! I met up with Amber, Rachelle and Melissa and we ran 2 x 2 miles tempo and 1 x 1 1/2 miles at a tempo with a mile recovery in between. We ran a 2 mile warmup and a little over a mile cool down. I ran a total of almost 12 miles in 1:20.45. My 1st set of the 2 miles was a 6:05 and a 5:50; the 2nd set I finished the 2 miles in 11:01 – so each mile was a 5:31 and my last 1 1/2 mile was at a 5:58 pace. I was hurting and my legs were so tired on my 2nd set. I didn’t know how fast as I was going until it was done and I was so relieved to see that I was running faster than what I planned (a 6 min to 6:05 pace is what I wanted to do). I am so bad at knowing my pace… So this Saturday, Rachelle is going to help me with my tempo run and keep me at my marathon race pace so my body will know and recognize that pace. I ran my last 1 1/2 miles slower and it felt great… (Well a lot better than the 5:45 and 5:30 miles!) 🙂 I did feel good though!
At home Corom and I got the girls ready and I have a couple of extra kids today (all day). My neighbor needed some help and I just figure I can throw her kids in with the mix of things at my house. 🙂


My youngest went out to lunch and to the $1 store with G-Goat (her grandma- Corom’s mom) for her birthday. She was so excited and I guess the adventure wore her out…

At track, I think we caught love in the air… A relationship secretly forming. 😉

The distance kids went on a 4-6 mile run and finished off with strides…

The girls went to piano, I then went visiting teaching (visiting) with Nancy to 3 of our neighbors. Then after the girls were in bed, Z and I went to a friend’s house and picked out Prom dresses. Oh what fun! Something I get to look forward to when the girls get older.

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  1. So many things to like here. I would love some baby time! How fun. And how fun is the dollar store when you are a little girl?! What a special day. Finally…I had a track “relationship” when I was younger. Fun times and so cute that you caught it on camera 🙂

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