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Running & Everything Else!

April 17, 2014

My Morning run began at Rachelle’s place and we (Amber & Rachelle), ran a loop around her house. I ran a total of 1:07.54 minutes (9.2 miles). I ran 10×1 minute fast 1 minute recovery after warming up for 3 miles. I felt good. I cooled down for a couple of miles.
At home my day became non-stop. We had to hurry and get the girls ready, we dropped them off at school, we (Corom and I)…

Went to South Valley Gym (he talked with his mom and I did my 15 minute weight rounds), we went to the store, went and paid some bills, went on a couple of other errands and then began the pick up of pre-schoolers and our kindergartener.

(That is a picture of our youngest in her joy/pre-school class.) Corom watched the girls (and a couple of their friends) so I could go to lunch with a few friends from my old neighborhood… It was much needed and it was so good to sit and visit.

I have great friends all around me!!! But most importantly… I have a great husband! We have our ups and downs as any married couple does but he is truly an amazing husband, father, man! I cannot express the love I have for him and for supporting me in the things I do.
After lunch, we cleaned and then I went to track practice (for a little while today)… These 3 were excited about practice!

It was an easy day today because we have an invitational tomorrow. I ran into my little brother at track because there was a soccer game going on. He coaches soccer at the neighboring city (the rival school :)). Our school played against his.

I left practice a little early because I had scouts at my house… Corom was around to help keep the boys in line.

Camille (my friend and other scout leader) and I really enjoyed having him there because he took over and the boys listened really well to him. After I made dinner for Corom and the girls, I went to a RS (relief society church function for all the ladies) gathering. We ate and then listened to Hillary Weeks talk and play the piano and sing. She was so good and funny and entertaining! It was very uplifting. I took a bad picture but there was a long line to meet her afterwards and I didn’t have time to stand in line. So I just took a picture of her talking to my friend Tifany. She is on the right.

Her music and the lyrics were beautiful!!! I came home and hung out with Corom.

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  1. Your days are adventures. I love how special your relationship is with Corom. He sounds like a great partner in crime! Hope the track meet is great.

    • Corom is not a partner in crime… He is the crime! 😉 you 2 sound the same way with your relationship! It is nice to have a companion who supports you in your hobbies.

      • I completely agree. He’s my best friend, business partner, and much more. It’s the best way to be 🙂

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