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April 18, 2014

I met up with a few ladies this morning and ran the Spanish Fork trail. I ran for a total time of 1:15.10. I think I ran around 9.2 miles total. It was a nice recovery day. I needed it! I was tired and my legs were tired. It took a good few miles before my legs loosened up (a little).
My oldest got a hold of my phone this morning. This actually happens a lot with all my kids…

Then we headed off for school…

I watched 5 extra kids today for a few friends…

Then headed off to a track meet. I had a couple of distance runners PR (personal record), some hit their PR’s, some came really close to it and a few who were way off! 😉 It happens; I was a little disappointed in some of the performances but not in the individual. The mile race was today and tomorrow is the 2 mile and 800. So we shall see how that goes!

The kids are always having a good time at the track meets…

Corom took the girls and a couple of neighbors to Thanksgiving Point. They went through the dinosaur museum, the petting zoo and brought home 3 baby chicks… Of course the girls had to sleep in the same room as the chicks…

As I have mentioned before, we are really good friends with our pediatrician, Mike Fullmer. He came over to pick up Corom to go to a movie and checked out our 3rd daughter’s leg for us.

She keeps complaining about it hurting. We thought it was growing pains but it won’t go away and she is limping now. 😦 He did a few exercises with her legs and wants us to go get an X-ray tomorrow just to make sure everything is ok. I am sick about it… Even though it is probably ok. Say a little prayer!!! I guess we shall see tomorrow!

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  1. Praying for your little one. Hope everything is ok!

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