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My Long Tempo Run, Doctor Visit & Easter Fun

April 19, 2014

I ran a good solid 16.2 mile run today! My longest training run ever. πŸ™‚ I met up with Rachelle, Jenae and Rebecca… This is rebecca-

We ran 8 miles up Hobble Creek canyon (a pretty good climb). We got to the top in 1:04.45 (8:06 pace). Then we turned around and ran a tempo down. I ran a 6 minute pace for the 8 miles down. I finished at 1:52.44 (47:59 minutes down). I just finished off with a .2 mile cool down. I wanted to finish off my workout fast and with not a long slow cool down. I woke up at 5 a.m. to start my run and was home early to do the whole Easter egg hunts… Our neighbors held their annual street neighborhood Easter breakfast and hunt…

Soon after the neighborhood gathering (which was so much fun)… I was supposed to head up to the track meet but I took my 3rd daughter to the Insta-care for an X-ray appointment to check out her leg. She has the symptoms of Perthes Disease… The doctor took x-rays of her (the Doc was so amazing and so good with my daughter)!

They checked out her x-Ray and ruled out Perthes disease! πŸ™‚ I was relieved! The lady printed off my daughter’s x-Ray and gave her a copy. She was so excited!

On Monday Dr. Fullmer will check out a few more things… But it is looking hopeful. πŸ™‚ I just hope to find the reason why to often of nights my daughter is very close to tears or in tears because of the pain in her right leg. 😦 Or know the cause of her stiff legging it while she is running (or limping). Maybe it is major growing pains…?
We went to another Easter party… We barbecued hot dogs, colored Easter eggs and did a little Easter egg hunt…

We then played egg games…

We had a lot of fun.
The girls practiced their song that they are singing in church tomorrow and then Corom took them for rides. :/

The girls went to bed pretty good knowing the Easter Bunny was coming tonight.
We watched a movie after we got the girl’s baskets ready. We actually left their buckets empty that the Easter Bunny was supposed to fill and hid their new baskets that the Easter Bunny left. Oh it will be an interesting morning…


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  1. Love the idea with the baskets! Happy Easter to you and your family. Such a special day. Hope you find something out on your little one’s leg. 16 miles is awesome. I love when I get the chance to do a Saturday long run. You are getting close to a marathon πŸ™‚

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