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What A Day…

April 23, 2014

I went to bed way too late (midnight) and woke up way too early (5:15)… I did not want to get up to go running but I knew that if I slept in, I wouldn’t be able to run later. Sleep is so important! Especially if you want to do well with any type of workout you want/need to do. Today was my recovery, easy day after yesterday’s hard workout but I think with the lack of sleep I didn’t feel like it was an easy day or a recovery! I did run for 1:09.03 (about 8 1/2 miles). I did feel better towards the end of my run but when I came home to get the girls ready, I was dragging and already wanted a nap. :/
I dropped the 2 older girls off at school, went grocery shopping and my 2 younger girls and I went to my 3rd daughter’s speech class.

She is doing so much better with her speech! Later, I watched 3 extra kids and then the girls and I headed off to track practice…

I sent the distance runners on a 50 minute recovery, adventure run. They had to be in groups of at least 3 and could go do whatever run they wanted to do. I had to leave practice a little early because I had scouts today.
We played the game Bigger or Better for our activity. I gave them each a piece of candy and they had to go to neighbor’s homes and get something bigger and better. Yeah… That was not the best idea… This is what the teams came back with…

A freakin’ Christmas Tree… I want to thank my neighbor Stephanie for trading what the boys brought to her (a sandbox) for a Christmas tree. šŸ˜‰ Corom is going to love seeing this when he gets home from working late. We celebrated one of the boy’s birthdays and as you can see, one of the boys got his foot and leg stuck in the stool… I tried for about 2 seconds to help him out but figured he could get unstuck on his own…

After scouts my soon to be new neighbor and friend of ours dropped off their kids so they can be childless while they move stuff from their old place to right next door.

This one cried for awhile but once she settled down it was fun to cuddle with her. Our poor foreign exchange student. šŸ™‚ I told her to hide out in her room for awhile. I have 4 extra kids right now and at one point there I had the scouts, my kids, the kids that I’m watching and the other leaders kids-4 of them. Anyway… The kids had a late night (for them on a school night) but when everyone left, they crashed hard.

My visiting teachers stopped by tonight to talk and hang out. It was very nice to be childless and to be able to sit and talk for awhile… Thanks Megan and Misty! Now it is time for me to go to bed… Sorry Corom, I am not going to be waiting up for you this time. I am tired!!! šŸ˜‰

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  1. Here’s hoping you woke up nice and rested this morning.

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