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Running & Hanging Out

April 24, 2014

I met up with Amber and Rachelle and went out for an 8.5 mile run. We finished it in 1:04.14. The morning was beautiful and we started off our run nice and easy. A few miles in we did pick up the pace to a good solid run. We finished off with 3 strides and I headed on home for the morning routine. (Corom and Mike went for a run… Corom decided to actually train for the St. George marathon this year and not just get out and run it.) šŸ™‚
I took the girls to school and had the opportunity to go to my kindergartener’s classroom to help. It was community appreciation day. My sister-in-law (the girls’s Aunt) came in the Ambulance…

The kids loved it!!! There was an Olympian that came to the class… He won the Gold in 1946 for 110 meter high hurdles. It was very interesting to hear his story! Then the kids were able to hear from one of the local police officers…

There were a couple of other stations but I had to leave to began the pickup of the 2 younger girls. It was a neat thing to hear and the kids enjoyed it.
Corom had the day off so him and Mike began the process of building a tree house…

I went to track for just a little bit today. I sent them off on a run and had to take Z (our foreign exchange student) somewhere. I made it back for the last 10 minutes of practice to find the kids sitting, stretching, icing, etc.

They said they had a good run (5 1/2 to 7 miles)… I came home and the backyard was full of neighbor kids. šŸ™‚ Some boys were helping Corom and Mike, the girls had friends over, the dogs were frolicking with the other neighbor dog (that snuck through the fence)… šŸ˜‰ It was a party. Anyway, Corom went with the Young Men and Young Women (from our ward/church) to give them a tour through the jail. He is a therapist (Social Worker) there so he was able to set something up. I watched T.V. tonight and loved it. šŸ™‚

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