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Running, Track, & A Candle Light Dinner

April 26, 2014

The run this morning was great! I ran about 6.7 miles in 55:22.30. It was a nice and easy run with Amber, Rachelle and

It was a beautiful morning.
I watched a couple of kids today for a friend of mine and the kids played great today… I was able to get laundry done, rooms cleaned, etc. with very few interruptions. I did have a PTO meeting (I’m in training :/). We met up outside so all the kids were able to play on the playground.

For track the kids that are competing tomorrow did a 15 to 20 min easy run and the kids that are not racing did 15 to 20 minutes of bleachers… We all met back up with the entire team and finished off practice with games and root-beer floats. Good carb loading before the meet tomorrow.

The girls had fun at their friend’s house today while I was at track practice…

Corom and I decided we wanted to do a “date” night tonight, so I quickly made the girls dinner, got them ready for bed and put a movie on for them at about 5:30…

Then him and I ordered take out from The Pizza Factory. We have never ordered take out before. We had a nice “candle light” dinner while the girls watched a movie. It was a nice and peaceful dinner. 🙂 I don’t know why we have never thought of that before! Well this will be an early night for me so I can get up early and go to my Thanksgiving Point 1/2 marathon race. (Corom went to Mike’s house to watch a movie and Z went out on a date. The kids and I went to bed.)

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  1. Brilliant idea for a dinner date. Good luck on your 1/2!

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