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Thanksgiving Point 1/2 Marathon, Track Meet, Cousins, Prom & Friends

April 26, 2014

Well today I headed out to Thanksgiving Point to run a 1/2 marathon race. It was a very rainy morning and it really didn’t let up.

I do love running in the rain and the course was unbelievably beautiful!!! We ran through their Tulip Gardens, around thanksgiving point and onto the golf course. Simply amazing…

The only problem with the course, I was racing it so I couldn’t enjoy it as much as I would have liked to. 😉 (My family and I will definitely go back to walk through the gardens!) The course was HARD! I should have known that after the 1st mile of most of it being up hill that the course would be tough. I did start off too fast for this course… By mile 9, I was mentally and physically tired. I ran the last 4.1 purely on wanting to finish… I was able to keep up my pace to finish off 2nd overall in women’s at a time of 1:24.45. (I won $250 cash, so that was a bonus!!! :)) I was a little upset with my time until I looked at the last couple of years results and noticed that this truly was a tough course. There were lots of hills and there were some areas on the course that was slippery from all the rain but it was all part of the adventure. We were all soaking and cold when we finished but the rain was fun. The women’s overall winner (Devra) is an amazing runner and I am proud to say I ran with her for the 1st 3 miles. 🙂 I ran a 2 mile warmup and was able to run a 2 1/2 mile cool down but not until an hour later. I left the race as soon as I finished to book it down to a high school track meet. I wanted to make sure I caught the miles… After the mile races were done, I was able to run my cool down with some if the kids…

It rained and sometimes poured during the entire track meet. The kids ran well especially under these conditions. We (the team) didn’t stay for the entire meet due to the fact that it is Prom tonight for them. Meanwhile, Corom was back at home with the girls and 4 of my sister’s kids. They are between the ages of 1-8. What a Man! 😉

Once I got home, we helped Z get ready for Prom… She was so excited. Our friend Megan did her hair and make-up. Megan then asked about the boutonnière… Ahhhhh… So I completely spaced the whole boutonnière thing…

So Corom cuts one of our tulips from the front yard and makes one! I wish I could do something like that but I can’t. It turned out so good! Z looked so pretty in her dress and her date is a very nice guy. My girls could not leave her alone! They were finally able to pull away and head off to Prom.

The Barney’s came over to join our chaos with the kids. We had dinner and then hung out for a while.

It took awhile to put the kids to bed… I am tired! Corom went up to the Fullmer’s house to watch some fights or something and I stayed to be with the kids and to try to get to bed before 11… I will be cutting it close!

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  1. Congrats on the great finish and an extra pay day! So excited for Z and prom. I had been wondering when it would be. Very exciting weekend for you guys.

    • Thanks Sarah… I already “misplaced” the money. :/ now that my nieces and nephews are gone I can go look for it. Z was so excited for prom! She was beautiful.

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