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A Longer Post… So Many Things…

April 30, 2014

My run this morning with Mac was very nice! I went at an easy pace and ran for 1:05.00. I think I went out for 8.3 or 8.4 miles. We had a great conversation and the time/miles flew by. I could have kept going but I had to get back home. On a side note about running- I truly believe that running keeps me sane throughout my days!
This was my day…
What would you do? Am I being an over paranoid mom? My 5 year old (3rd daughter) has been complaining about her right leg hurting. It has been going on for about 5 months now. So I went to the doctors today….

Dr. Fullmer checked a few different things and said after he was finished that she looks healthy! He,then, ordered lab results for my peace of mind and to be on the safe side… And of course (later) I took her in. Deep down I know she is fine and I think I am over exaggerating, but then I think… What if there was something wrong and I didn’t take her in. So back to my question… Am I being over paranoid? :/
After the doctors (and before the lab tests) I took her to her speech class… My 4th daughter always does it with her… It is cute.

During a potty break, we ran into my oldest walking in the hallway. 🙂

Of course I then had to peak on my kindergartener (2nd child) but they were not in the classroom… 😦 I love being able to see my kids during the day at school.
We were off to the Outpatient care once we finished with her speech class. They wanted to do some lab work, so they drew blood from her… She was a champ and said it didn’t hurt. It helped that they have a drawer full of toys for the kids to pick out of afterwards. 🙂

Dr. Fullmer did call a few hours later and said everything looks good with all the tests but one. But… the one test that came back abnormal was of no concern. It was barely abnormal and could have been from a previous sickness (a cold, fever, etc.). I was so relieved and so grateful that Dr. Fullmer (Mike) called as soon as possible. Was I over reacting? Yes, probably! But I do not regret it. I feel better knowing and not having to wonder!
Later, the girls and I headed off for track (after my friend Marti had the girls for a little while for me… Nice break. :)). At track, I sent the distance kids on an easy 5 1/2 mile run. While they were out running… The girls were having their own track workout…

We then went for ice cream (I had 2 extra little girls- the sprinter coaches kids), they played in the sand and then hung around some of the high school kids…

Right before dinner, the girls realized that 2 of the baby chicks they got were killed (eaten) by our older English Mastiff, Harley. Oh my… The girls cried and cried and cried!!!

Corom is working late tonight, so I called him and we talked it over about putting Harley down. We have talked about it on multiple occasions because she is getting so old, her back legs are giving out on her so she can’t move her big self around to well and she is getting grumpy and mean. She would never hurt the kids, but she would have never killed any other animals (up until recently). Any way… We know that sooner than later, we would have to make that dreaded decision…
So I just explained to the girls that we might have to put Harley down, soon. They asked what that meant and I said send her to heaven… Oh my!!! I thought they were crying hard over the chickens… It is not going to be as easy as I thought. I honestly thought they would be sad but because of the chickens they would some what understand… My 2nd child is wailing I’m going to miss Harley… My oldest is just crying so hard, my 3rd is asking if we could send her away as tears are streaming down her face and my youngest is saying yeah… Let’s kill her. :/ I am in trouble with my little one. I did explain to my 4 year old what that means and she did say she didn’t want to “kill” her. That made me feel a little better. Oh we shall see.
This week has been our week of “teaching” the girls how to keep their rooms clean and how to do dishes… :/

I realized, I can’t be lazy about it anymore. I always yell at the girls to clean their rooms, pick up their toys, etc., but when it is not done… I will clean it myself (or if it is not done properly). After meals either Corom and I are always doing the cleaning… Well I am realizing that, that is the easy way out and our girls are not learning a thing! So on Monday… I cleaned their rooms to how I want them to be. We made a rule that they are not aloud to go anywhere or do anything until their room is cleaned. Before they go to bed they need to make sure it is cleaned (going on the 3rd day and it has worked well… Now at least 14 more years to go :)). Same with the dishes… I was about to do them myself because I could have done them twice as fast but it is my 2nd daughter’s night and she needs to learn to do them. It actually wasn’t too bad. We had fun doing it. All I can say is… What a day!

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  1. Ha, I remember being a kid and going to track practice with my parents. I remember showing off and telling some older kids that I could run the hurdles. I now have a nice huge scar on the side of my knee from that little stint. Poor Harley, it is so hard to see a dog get older. Although I did laugh at your youngest’s reaction.

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