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Running & The Rest Of My Day

May 1, 2014

I met up with Rachelle this morning and went out on a 7 1/2 mile run good pace run. We started off at an easy pace, but we got to talking and without even realizing it, picked up our pace. We ran for 55:47.11 and ran about a 7:15 pace.

We felt good and it was beautiful out. I love this time of year-well I had to sneeze quite a few times but other than that it was great.

Today I hung out at a neighbors (Emilee’s with Camille) for a little while and we let the kids play and then we went to track practice… (My oldest and the head coaches oldest walked to track from the elementary school for the 1st time. It is right across the street but you have to cross a busy road with the help of a crossing guard. The girls didn’t know that I went out to watch them walk…(you can see 2 small figures behind the fence :)). Yeah I’m probably a little too much. 😉

But they thought that was the coolest thing!

Anyway for track the distance kids went on an easy 4 mile run and finished off with strides. Their legs are feeling good and they are ready for the meet this weekend. Oh I hope the 3 that are so close to qualifying , qualify for State! They deserve it!

The girls had fun!

My 3rd child helped with dishes tonight…

Then Corom went to a church meeting and I went to a friend’s house for a little while to visit and hang out.

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  1. Ah….how exciting that the girls got to walk home themselves. I love that you secretly watched. It is because you are a good mom 🙂

    • This made me so nervous! The girls loved and yes I did love watching them. Thanks Sarah… you will be an awesome mom too!!! I hope things are well for you two.

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