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Running, Track Meet, Bro Graduation & Decorating…

May 2, 2014

I went out for an easy 6.1 mile run in 44:44.60 with Beth and Mac. It was a beautiful morning.

I felt a little heavy on my legs/feet but overall, it was a good run.
After getting the girls ready for the day Corom and the girls dropped me off at the high school to take the track and field kids to the BYU Invitational. We have had great performances today! A few more kids qualified for State and others just did well.

I did leave for a couple of hours to attend my little brother’s college graduation.

It was not the most exciting but it was fun hanging out with my family!

I returned to the meet after we all (Corom and the girls, too) went to dinner. I just rode the bus home and Corom and the girls came home shortly after. They worked on the treehouse all day…

Oh and Corom also went to the school today to decorate our oldest’s teacher’s classroom door. Another mom was supposed to do it for teacher appreciation day but couldn’t do it at the last minute. They asked if I could but I was at the track meet… So Corom stepped in. He thought… How hard could it be, until he showed up and saw the neighboring teacher’s doors…

Poor Corom… The things I get him into!!! :/

It was a bigger deal than what we thought. But this is the finishing product:

It turned out awesome… But Corom and I could not stop laughing after he showed me the pictures. He is a good man!
We came home and just hung out.

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  1. OMGosh. Laughing so hard. Corom is awesome
    great idea to have the girls help with the door!
    Brady said “that’s the difference between
    a man and a woman, the woman does the
    door on her own and the man has the
    Kids help do it.” 🙂

  2. LOL that door is hilarious. What is with those doors?! Ugh, it just makes me slightly freak out as an arts and crafts teacher. Those projects always seem so easy until you really sit down to do them. Good man!

    • Yeah… We (Corom) didn’t realize how intense the door decorating was going to be. I guess, majority of the people in charge of the other doors, already had their decoration done. He filled in last minute with the understanding that you go right after school and do something “nice and easy”. They gave a 30 minute window to do it…. Yeah Corom is a trooper and him and the girls through it together. 🙂

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