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Provo City 1/2 Marathon, Track Meet, Family & Friends…

May 3, 2014

Today is race day- Provo City Half Marathon. We headed up the canyon at 5:45 to get to the starting line. It was a beautiful morning with the weather just a little chili but not bad. We ran a 2 mile warmup before the race.

Then we began our race… The 1st mile and a half was a steep downhill and I decided before the race started to take it very conservative! It is easy to run all out to take “advantage” of the downhill but knowing me and my racing… I knew I would be in trouble. My first mile was a 6:15… I felt great throughout most the race. I took a GU at mile 5 and that worked perfect for me.

As soon as we came out of the canyon I did have to battle the race mentally because it was a little over 5 miles of a straight shot to the finish… Mentally I held up pretty good until the 11 mile marker. I still felt good but my thoughts were starting to go more on the negative side. I think, for me, what was hard was seeing the finish line a mile and a half out. I held on and finally broke 1:20 in the half. I ran a 1:19.21 (from my watch) and took 1st in overall women. I won either $250 or $300 in cash and a watch (I was not able to stay for the awards because I had to run to the high school track meet at BYU. I did get a 2 mile cool down in… Running 17 miles total.

I went to the BYU meet and watched my distance runners in the mile and 800 and in the relays. (Corom and the girls helped our neighbors right next door move all day. 😦 I am sooo sad they are moving!!!) Anyway the distance runners did amazing. The guys in the mile PR’d (one by 11 seconds bringing his time down to a 4:25)! He did take 1st in his heat.

The other miler PR’d by 5 seconds (a 4:29) and popped a massive blister in the mile or 800…

The girls did well… 2 PR’d in their 800’s (2:23 and a 2:31)…

And the rest of the team did really well with sprints and field events!

I love watching this meet! Great runners from all over!!!
Corom and the girls came to the meet to hang out for a little while and then we left to go to my sisters to hang out with the family.

At home all the neighbor kids were playing night games, so our oldest was the only one that didn’t fall asleep in the car so we let her play…

Some friends came over and we watched a movie and then went hot tubing… Good times!

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  1. Congrats on your win. You almost have a second job going there 🙂

    • Thanks Sarah… When the race is over, I realize that I actually really enjoy doing it. 😉

  2. Toby permalink

    Way to go Jen! I’m so impressed how well you’ve come back from your injury! Congratulations!

    • Thanks Toby! It was good to take time off but it was hard coming back. I feel good though (old but good). You are racing well!!! What is your next race?

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