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Running, Cleaning, Track & Cinco de Mayo

May 5, 2014

My morning run began at 5:45 and went until 7:01 (1:15.52). It was a nice 10 mile recovery run from this weekend. I ran the 1st few miles with Amber and Rachelle and then we split off. My legs did feel a little tired but that is to be expected. It was really windy this morning and my allergies were really bad. :/ This time of year is hard for me with all the pollen floating around.
I helped out in my daughter’s kindergarten class (it was also the teacher’s birthday).

After school, the girls and I spent the afternoon at our neighbor’s house helping them clean before their move out day…

My girls did really, really well with cleaning. I was proud (and a little surprised) how well they did. Well my youngest did OK but that is to be expected.
At track the distance runners went on an easy 4 mile run, then ran 3-4 laps around the track using the straight away for strides (6-8 strides). They circled up and did their stretching.

As they were stretching, I was ease dropping on their conversation. The boys were “strategizing” for Region (finals) that is being held this Wednesday and Thursday. They were talking about their times and their placing to score more points and to qualify (place) for State. It was a good conversation for ease dropping!
We had a few friends, family and neighbors over for Cico-de-mayo. (A few were from next door that were helping the neighbors clean… It made it easier to come here and eat, then go back over…) Good fish tacos and burritos!

After a couple of neighbor boys took their Christmas Tree back! Awesome and funny!!!

It took him a while to ride his bike around the block… But he did make it back.
Last minute touches on the neighbor’s house… I don’t know why we are helping them! I am so sad they are moving!

Now time to get ready for bed!

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  1. Rock follows your blog but he somehow missed your door decorating day so I just showed him and we burst out laughing at the end. The “Numba 1 Soldja” has me cracking up and same with him. I told him that I wanted him to see because that is the kind of thing where I could picture him sitting there with Corom doing all this awesomeness. We teach preschool sports and crafts classes out here each day….he loves it 🙂

    • This made me laugh out loud! We do need to meet sometime. Our husbands’ sound so much alike! That could be trouble, though… 🙂

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