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30 x 300’s, The Day’s Events, & A B-Day To Finish It Off

May 6, 2014

Well, I woke up this morning dreading the workout a little! :/ I did have others that met up with me at the track. That always makes it easier to do speed when you know others will be there (even when everyone is at a different pace).

The speed I did today started with a 2 mile warm-up. Then we began 30 x 300’s on the track with a 100 recovery (making it a 400- 1 lap around the track). It was 52 minutes of speed (7 1/2 miles total). I ran each 300 between the times of 58-1:02’s. My legs were tired! I wanted to stop after many different laps (15, 20, 25, 26, etc.) but I am so glad I finished the 30 and that I kept the times in my time range. We finished off with a 2 mile cool down. I did go to the gym for 20 minutes of weights (nothing to hard core).
It was the Hersey’s Track Meet today and the girls and I watched the kids race and then passed out fliers for the youth track club for the city. They had fun!

Camille and her kids came over for a little while. It was nice for me to have her there to break up my day… The girls and I then went to track… The distance kids went on an easy run and ended off with a few strides.

We have Region tomorrow, so it is kind of a big meet!!! 🙂 Exciting stuff. The 2 older girls went to piano/violin practice. And then After dinner a couple of friends and I went to a movie…

It was nice to get out and be with some friends. We saw “The Other Women”. Pretty funny. Corom went to a meeting for church and then we headed over to friends of ours. It was his birthday (Travis) and he is Corom’s “Brony”.
They are one of the funniest couples to hang out with… So funny! Ain’t that right Megan. 😉 Anyway… We hung out there for a while. We sang happy birthday…

But for some reason when I jumped in to sing this was the reaction I got:

To be completely honest… I do have a terrible voice! I cannot hold a tune/note or whatever. It is now close to midnight and I am getting up in 5 hours and fifteen minutes. I can’t wait until my alarm goes off!!! :/

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