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Running & Region Track Meet!!!

May 7, 2014

I met up with Amber and Mac this morning at 5:30. I was tired but not as sleepy tired as I thought I would be. I did feel flat during my run though. We ran a little over 9 miles in 1:12.49 (a 7:50 pace). It was nice to have a recovery day. My legs needed it!
I took my 3rd daughter to her speech class (with my youngest and 2 extra kids I was watching). They had a fun time!

I did go to the chiropractor today (to Dr. Crockett). I started to feel a little pain again in my buttocks and it was after yesterday’s speed workout. Today’s run didn’t help it too much, so I decided to go in.

The girls did great at the office!
The girls then went to a friend’s house and I went to a track meet. Today is Region and the nerves are running high on all accoumts. I was just as nervous for “my” distance runners and for all the other athletes as I am when I have a race. The kids had a fun time driving up, they warmed up together as a team, and had a great time together at the meet cheering each other on. They are a very close group and are always there for each other. It was beautiful out, a little cold and windy, but beautiful… Coach Thompson gave his motivational speech before the meet and the kids (and coaches) were really inspired and pumped up by it.

Despite all the nervous energy, the team came out today and competed!!! They did what they had to do and then some (they went the extra mile :)). Our entire team looked strong and confident and went for their goal.

As for the distance runners… The guys took 1st and 3rd in the mile to score some big points for the team. It was an exciting race to watch. It was an all out sprint for 1st, and our guy won by a fraction of a second (he leaned a little more forward than the 2nd place person to beat him out). The other boys ran well and some PR’d even in the wind. It was fun to watch them race well and give it their all. The girls also performed well. They pushed hard in the mile and 800 (for the relay). Like the boys, a few ran their PR and it made me so happy for them. The girls have come a long way with injuries and just with believing in themselves! A perfect meet to do it in! The other events, field and sprints, was also very exciting to watch! We placed high today in the field events and qualified in many sprint races for tomorrow’s finals.

We (the coaches) were in charge of running the long jump… That was nice for me because I was able to cheer on the distance runners while they were racing. Well… Coach Warr had to keep burying my foot every single time in the sand. I probably came home with half the sand from the pit. :/ Gary (our most faithful fan and bus driver) insisted on helping to with the long jump. We love him! By the end of the meet… Our boys were in 1st place and the girls in 4th, I believe. But as the head coach stated… No one cares who is ahead the 1st day, it all comes down to the 2nd day. It will be tough to hold onto both positions (from the males and females) because There is tough competition! But, if everyone does what they are very capable of doing, they should be able to hold on! Now another day to be anxious and nervous! 😉 I love coaching and I love the feeling of being nervous for the kids. I love sharing their triumphs and even their disappointments! They have helped me grow in so many ways. We headed home and Z and I hung out (Corom has to work late tonight). She is making Baklava ( a Mediterranean dessert) for a school project. It is so yummy!!!

The girls did great today with my neighbor and went to bed really well for Z. She stayed home from the track meet because she had so much to do for school. It was a good day and I’m glad my kids did well!

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  1. Track teams are the best. Such fun times among those kids! Good luck again today. That is some pretty exciting stuff. Nerves as a coach is such a fun and different feeling. It reminded me of when I was in my early college years and coaching competitive figure skaters. One of my young girls (maybe 12 or so at the time) had horrible nerve issues and would always throw up on her way off of the ice when she finished. I was always so nervous that she would throw up on me so I would bring a different outfit just to wear with her. I had a “special” trench coat. How awful is that?!

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