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My Run Through 4 Cities, Geodes & More

May 10, 2014

We (Corom, the girls, Z, our friend-Mike & I) left early this morning to drive to Dugway Geode Beds to find Geodes. We had quite the adventure of driving there and driving home.

We did run into some horses going up and coming home. It was really neat!

We had fun looking for all the geodes. For the 1st half we were struggling to find the geodes…

Then we decided to move to another location…

And we started to find a lot!!!

We cracked a few open and they were beautiful.

After our drive home, I went out for a 2:02.13 run. It was the longest run I have ever been on not running a race. I went up the Dairy Loop, then up the dreaded Harry’s hill, continuing up to the Woodland Hills mailboxes. I ran down into Elkridge, and then up and around Goose Nest heading towards Payson. I ran a 4 1/2 mile loop into Payson, back to Elkridge, back to Salem… To my home. It was a great run! Corom came out to drop off a new drink I am trying out for this company. XOJO

It worked great!!! It gave me the energy I needed for this run. This won’t make sense to you but I drove in the car after my run (because I don’t wear a garmin watch)… This is my notes on my run:
-Dairy loop to Harry’s To WH mailboxes-all up hill 5.6 (39 min)
-To Elkridge & goose nest-1 steep hill about .4 miles… 8.2 (56 min)
-1:08 min drink (stop sign- canal road & Payson) 10.3 miles
-1:20 min 12.2 miles (Payson park) This was really close to race pace for the 1/2… 1:19.23 for 13.1 miles (another hill about 1/2 mile or so)…
-1:26 min mouth of Payson canyon (12.9 miles)
-Back to the drink 14.5 miles
-Mt. loafer 3 way stop 1:50 min 16.8 miles
To home… 18.9 miles in 2:02.13.
6:28 pace… With major hills!!!

I was so shocked to see that I ran that far… And I am so grateful that Corom came out (and left XOJO) out!

It really did help me! I don’t usually take Gu’s on my training runs or even drink water or any other fluids, so maybe this gave me the extra edge to finish strong… Anyway… I was so excited when I returned home and saw the odometer! This may sound weird but I wanted to cry! ๐Ÿ˜‰ After my run I came home and laid on the ground for a good 20 minutes.
Corom, the girls and I worked around the house and then neighbor kids came over. After the girls went to bed, Z (our Foriegn exchange student), had her date and 7 other couples come over for dinner. There is a dance tonight (Morp) and they needed a place to eat… ๐Ÿ™‚ My type of thing!

It was fun… The kids looked like they were having a good time, and then they were off to their dance. Corom and I watched a movie and he gave my legs a good massage. He’s a good man!!!

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  1. That is one awesome run. Congrats! Despite my being injured and not having run in what feels like forever, I have been contemplating another marathon. Are you thinking of training for one? Those geodes look so pretty! Happy mothers day!

    • Thanks on the run! I am planning on racing the Grandmas run in Deluthe Minnesota. In June. I run St. George marathon every year but have never really trained for it… So now I decided to actually train for a marathon, put miles and speed into my workouts and see how it goes. :/

    • You should do another one!

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