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Running, Preschool Graduation, & Date Night

May 10, 2014

I went out for a nice recovery run this morning. Amber and I met up for most the run together. We ended up on the dirt high line canal trail. It was a nice change. I ran for 51.10.34. My legs felt a little lactic acid”y”, but oh well… It was a nice run.
We had our 3rd daughter’s preschool graduation today. I picked up my kindergartener from school and checked out my oldest (2nd grader) and we all went to her graduation.

They did a short little program. It was the cutest thing! They then put on their cap and gown and walked…

My daughter gets so shy in these types of situations! She is so dang cute!!! 😉 She won a special award for being there every day at school (her and her little friend). Her sisters were quite proud and cheered very loud.

Mrs. Leslie is the nicest lady and all my kids have gone to her pre-school.
After school, the neighborhood kids came over and played. Then Z (our foreign exchange student) had a group date at our house. There were 6 couples total. They are going to a dance tomorrow night for school and decided they wanted to make matching t-shirts.

They made shirts, ate dinner, had dessert, then went home. Corom and I went to a neighbors to visit for a little while then headed up to the Fullmer’s for hot tubing. The kids are sleeping and Z offered to watch them so we could go. 🙂

Corom and Mike are practicing if they ever get stuck in their car that is sinking under water. Yeah, a little weird. But hey… They will be prepared.

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  1. LOL, excellent preparation skills. Hey you never know. How sweet are those graduation pictures?! Love the little caps and gowns. I bet that is a bit bittersweet to watch a little one growing up like that. Adorable!

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