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11th Anniversary, 8th Birthday, State Track Meet & Running

May 18, 2014

Today is going to be a good day with a lot of juggling involved! I have to put a good run in (a quality run not a quantity due to time), it is the State track meet today (and I have three 2 milers that qualified and a couple of 800 runners), it is my oldest’s 8th birthday today and mine and Corom’s 11 year anniversary. 🙂
So I woke up and went on a 9.9 mile run. It took me 1:03.17. It was a hilly route so I am happy with the time. My legs were a little tired from the start but I knew I had to run hard. I felt good once I finished the run.
My 2 oldest and I headed off to the State Track meet…

We had fun… The girls loved being at the meet with the high school kids (and I bought them lots of goodies). The high school athletes did really well!!! The distance boys pulled through again in the 2 mile. Our top runner broke the school record by 1 second (9:36) and the other PR’d by a few seconds (9:52). In the 800’s one ran a 2:00 and the other ran a 2:02.

Our female 2 miler PR’d by 20 seconds! She ran a 12:09 and looked good. They ran well. Our sprinters and field events also performed well! Our javelin throwers took 2nd and 4th in State. The girls high jumpers placed well.

The girls 4×4 killed it! (I was not there for it but I got a play by play on it.) Their split times were 60, 57, 59, 59. Good school record for them. They placed 2nd in State. I’m sad I missed it but I was at home with my daughter and 37 other kids for her party. 😉 Yeah… We invited the entire 2nd grade so no one was left out. One of the neighbor girls also turned 8 last week, so we combined the birthday party with her. Our good friend came by with tons of treats for the birthday party and a nice gift for our oldest. She is an amazing person and the kids devoured her treats. Thanks Mary!!!

We didn’t know what to expect but it turned out well. Like I said… We had a total of 37 kids and 3 different couples that came over to hang out. (Thanks Bronies, Halls & Fullmers!)

They played on the zip-line and hunted for Geodes. Then we ate hot dogs and cupcakes…

After everyone left she opened her presents (we wrote on the invitation not to bring gifts- a few kids still brought something, though). She was so excited for present time!
We put the kids to bed and Corom and I went to a late movie with our friends the Fullmers. Their daughter babysat for us. Corom and I don’t usually get out for our anniversary because of our daughter’s birthday. Tonight was a treat.

This was not a very detailed post but it is late and it has been a long but fun day.

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  1. Happy anniversary and whoa, lots of birthday fun. Looks like an awesome day. Congrats for an awesome state meet!

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