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State Track, My Run & Emotions

May 16, 2014

I was able to get a 45:46 minute run in this morning at 5 a.m. It was a nice and easy 5 1/2 mile run. I didn’t have too much time this morning because I had to catch the bus for the high school State track meet.
We had 25 athletes from our school qualify for State. It was great. We had some excellent performances. We started off with the boy’s mile and the girl’s javelin. The 2 boys that raced in the mile raced well. One ran a 4:26 (his personal best) and the other ran a 4:33 (his best is a 4:25). He was a little disappointed in his time but knew that he felt a little off…

The javelin girls threw well! Our top female placed 4th in State. We went on to the sprints, boy’s high jump and girl’s long jump. The sprinters raced well and many made it into the finals on the male and female side (5 out of the 6 relay teams made it to tomorrow’s finals- 4 x 100’s, 4 x 400’s, and the boy’s medley). They were exciting to watch…

The high jumpers did great. We had 4 make it to State (with 2 placing 5 & 6) and 3 of the guys did a 3-way tie to break the school record.

We have another exciting day tomorrow! (I will only be there for a couple of hours… It is my 11 year anniversary and my oldest’s 8th birthday :)). We had many of the other track members show up to support the team… It was a great sight!

And the teammates were there for each other…

I do have to say a huge thanks to my good friend Camille, for taking the kids for me today! I could not have gone if it weren’t for her watching my girls all day. They had a great time there. Putting the girls to bed was a little difficult, though. Girls are so emotional. My 2 older ones came down late crying…

I asked them what was wrong… My 2nd child said they miss their white bunny and brown bunny. I couldn’t help but laugh… We had those bunnies a little over a year ago! Yeah… Girls are emotional!!! It was kind of a rough night… Oh well, it’s almost time to go to bed.

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