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May 15, 2014

Today I went on a 9.5 mile run. Amber and I met up and ran up the Dairy’s loop, up Harry’s and headed into Woodland Hills. Once we got to the top, we turned around and tempoed back to my house. I ran about an 18 minute 3.2 mile tempo. My legs were tired but I pushed through it. The total run time was 1:09.07. I went to the gym a little while after and did my 20 minutes of weights. Corom and Mike then went on their 7 mile run…

That was the furthest Corom has ran in a long time.
Corom had the day off so we hung around the house (with 3 extra kids during the morning). Our youngest is always getting into something…

Oh… She drives me crazy sometimes (or a lot of the time)!
We went to my 2nd grader’s program.
It was cute. She sang a song with a few other kids and then recited a poem.

Some kids were handed balloons at the end and of course a few floated to the top of the ceiling. Corom and our friend Ben had to try to get them down for the poor little kids that lost their balloon…

Yep, they finally got the balloons down.

A few other kids came over after school and I then went to track. It is the day before State so the distance runners went on an easy 2 to 3 mile run. Nothing big, just something to get their legs moving. I left practice and the girls and I went to their 1st track meet of the season. Yeah… I probably went over board with pictures… But here you go…my oldest with long jump:

My 2nd child…

My 3rd…

My 4th…

They had fun racing in the 100 meter dash, the 50 and the 4×1 relay… The cutest thing to watch…

They had fun with their teammates…

I do love coaching the youth city track… I also love watching my kids love it!

We came home (late) and I was putting the girls to bed when Corom came home from church meetings. 🙂 Perfect timing! 😉 Now I am going to post a few videos of the track meet.

There you have it for today!

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