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Running, Playing, Track…

May 14, 2014

I met up with Amber, Amber and Rachelle for an easy 7.1 mile run. We ran the 7 miles in 1:01.14, so about an 8:30 pace… That was much needed for me. My legs were feeling tired today.

The girls and I walked to school today. The girls love it when we are able to walk. It was finally warm enough this morning and the girls got ready in time so we walked the mile to school. We stayed for my 3rd child’s speech class, then my 2 younger girls and I walked back…

A few other moms and I met up at a park and let the kids play for a while…

At track the distance runners that made it to State (and some of the other kids that didn’t make but want to keep running) went on a 4.78 mile loop run at an easy pace and finished off 2 laps with strides. I was feeling a little lazy today and I think the feeling was mutual (I usually follow the runners on their route or work on something while they are running but today I just sat on the field with my girls and a few other athletes and talked) …

I then took my girls to piano/violin…

(This is their teacher.) I had scouts at the house while the 2 older ones were in their lessons. The scouts had to start a fire, cook over it, clean up after themselves and had a few other things to pass off…

We had fun. After dinner, the girls and I hung out with neighbors for awhile and then they went to bed. Corom worked late tonight, Z went to a school thing and I was able to watch a T.V. show that I wanted to watch. 😉

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  1. I love when the weather gets warm enough to start walking places. That park looks just beautiful!

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