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May 13, 2014

Ahhhhh… The dreaded 1200 repeats around Christensen’s Loop. We (Melissa, Amber, Scott and I) ran a 2 mile warmup then started our 1200 repeats. This loop is a 1200 with little rolling hills… It is great but tough when running a speed workout on it. We ran 8 x 1200’s. My 1st one: 4:02; 2nd one: 4:08; 3rd one: 4:01; 4th one: 4:02; 5th one: 4:03; 6th one: 3:57; 7th one: 3:55; 8th one: 3:55. It was between a 5:25- 5:35 minute mile pace. (It was 8 miles total with speed- we ran a quarter of a mile to finish off the 1200 making it a mile.) We then finished with a mile and a half of a cool down. It was a tough workout but it felt good (after we were done).
I went home to get the girls ready… My 3rd daughter did not want me to do her hair! I had to explain to her that today was a must!

3 of my girls went to school and my 3rd went with me to the gym (South Valley Gym)… I did my 20 minutes of weight lifting and she hung out with G-goat (Corom’s mom-she works there).

We had kids over at our house today and they noticed that we had a new addition to our backyard… We found out that the 2 rabbits that Corom brought home (about a month ago, that I was unaware of) had had babies…

I was told that they were 2 male rabbits… Yeah not the case. :/
I headed off to the JV track meet (their last one)… They had a fun time and some of the distance runners PR’d. It is so fun to watch them race and do well. Z (our foreign exchange student) PR’d in her mile by 30 seconds and I was so excited for her… She was so happy…

I had to leave the meet a little early to come back and start our first track practice for the youth of the city (1st grade to 8th grade). We had a pretty good turn out. This will be a lot of fun (all 4 of my girls want to run this year). 🙂

The high school kids come out and help run the program. They do a great job and the younger kids love to be around them!

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  1. Your youth program looks so awesome. What a great way to build interest for later years. I wish we had a program like that where I grew up. So great that your girls will join. I truly believe that if children see you running and try it when they are young it will be normal and fun as an adult, instead of a dreaded way to get exercise. Yay for Z for the PR….30 seconds. That is awesome. Sorry about those bunnies but I did laugh when you said you were told they were both males 🙂

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