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Running, Kids & Meetings…

May 21, 2014

I went out for a 1:06.58 minute run this morning. I was able to meet up with Amber part way through my run and then towards the end we split off and went our own way. It was a recovery run and I felt good. My legs were a little sore but it was still a good run (I will go map out my run tomorrow).
Well I had many meetings today with all the crazy stuff I have committed to doing. 😉 I held my first PTO meeting (at the kindergarten playground so all our kids could play in a locked in area). I don’t know why I said yes to being the PTO president for the school but now I’m stuck. Really… It shouldn’t be that bad! :/ We do have some fun things we plan on doing for the kids to help motivate them to exercise and to enjoy it. I, then, had scouts at my house…

The boys had fun… Camille and I did have to “mother” a couple of the boys. They got into a little friends fight and ended up crying but that is nothing new. 🙂 It was a little entertaining.
I had a cross country meeting with the other coach… Yes track just ended and now we are doing the transition to cross country. After dinner and putting the kids to bed… I went out with a friend of mine to visit some of the young women in our church to meet them and see if they needed anything. It was a day of meetings. I did have fun with my girls, too. They keep me entertained…

I watched my good friends little girl today… She was so much fun and of course the girls had their neighbor friends over every chance they got. My oldest went to a little birthday party…

And that was my day. The only thing I didn’t really work on was the city youth track. Corom works late tonight… So I will be in bed before he gets home. :/). Until tomorrow…

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  1. That video is awesome. We do something similar with the preschoolers and a guitar and they dance to whatever speed Rock plays to. It is so funny to watch. Seeing the girls dance made me think of every time we go home to MI to visit my friend her kids sit Rock in the livingroom, make him hold their baby sister and then they perform dance recitals for him. It is quite the sight.

  2. As I am responding to you… the girls are at it again with their dancing. 🙂 Kids have so much energy… energy that I wish I had. But, now here comes the fighting on who gets to be the radio peson. :/

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