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Running, Playing, Track & Hanging Out

May 27, 2014

I met up with Amber, Rachelle and Melissa this morning. It was a nice and easy recovery day. We decided to run a 10 mile loop… I wish I had my phone on me because it was beautiful! I actually ran about 10.4 miles total in 1:20.09 (I believe about a 7:35 pace). It felt good and I ended my run with 3 strides.
I came home and everyone was still asleep except for one missing child (my 2nd daughter- 6 year old). I went looking around for her and found her outside singing to the baby bunnies. I sat there for awhile and listened (she didn’t know I was there). I quietly went back in and got my phone.

Yeah it was Christmas songs… 🙂 I took my kindergartener to her assessment testing. She did great!

I did take the girls to the Splash Pad in Spanish Fork. I met up with friends there and then hung out at a park for a while…

I think we will go back tomorrow… When my oldest got out of school, I took her and my 2nd oldest to piano/violin lessons. My 2 younger ones, my friend and her kids and I went visiting teaching (we visit a few ladies in our church monthly to make sure they are doing ok, etc. I have people that visit teach me…).

We had Youth Track practice tonight. The high school track kids split off into their groups (distance and sprints) and did their workout… Once they were done they went through the round of field events.

I owe the high school kids big time!!! Corom came for half the practice, then went to church meetings and visited families tonight. I and the girls went to the Fullmer’s house for their daughter’s birthday. The girls lost their cake privilege. I gave them all the 3 strike warning… And they still lost it. The final straw was when they got in a fight in the car and started to throw full things of water at each other. Yeah… Now my car will smell like mildew or something. :/ It was so wet in there. Anyway… Up at the Fullmer’s, they are getting their yard done, so there are flags everywhere…

Or at least there were flags everywhere!!!

Thanks to my youngest… The workers will be a little sad in the morning to see that the flags are all missing. :/ It is always something. Well after the girls went to bed, Corom and I hung out for a while and then I watched the Bachelorette with some friends for a little while. I’m extra tired tonight… My allergies were so bad today and the allergy medicine is now kicking in… It is 10:30. Time for bed… Soon! 😉

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