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The Stress Of Racing… It’s New To Me & Play Time

May 28, 2014

So… I went to bed way too late to get up and meet with my running friends. I went out on a lone run this morning at 7:15 a.m. :/ I struggled today and only ran for 50:31.47. I was tired and my legs just didn’t feel right today. I have never been one of those runners that stress about a race or really get nervous about a race. I go into them thinking I will race on feel and I don’t worry about time. I did that for the St. George marathon last year and it helped me to perform better than what I thought I could run (2:54.20). I don’t run with a garmin (I rely on everyone else :)). I do most my tempos off of feel and many times go faster than my “marathon” goal pace. But now that Corom purchased my plane ticket and set up all the accommodations for my “big” race in June… I am lacking the confidence of my goal pace!!! I fear that we just spent a lot of money on a goal way outside of my reach. I want to run a 2:42 and I laugh at myself sometimes thinking, “What am I thinking”! I know that is so bad (mentally) to be thinking that way… I have been comparing myself to other amazing women runners all going for the same goal and I know I have only put in half the effort they have put in. I feel out of their league… I know I am babbling but I hope I don’t disappoint myself and others… Oh all the different things to worry about now. I am just praying that everything comes together race day and if I don’t hit my goal pace then that is ok!
Now on to the rest of my day… I sent a big text out to all the neighbors around with young kids to meet up at the Splash Pad/Park in SF.

It was a lot of fun. I ran in a few times just to keep cool… They also played at the park for a while.

The only thing we were missing was my oldest daughter. 😦 She loves school though… After we picked her up we went to the car place.

No good! There might be some big problems with the car. What do you do… Cars are a nightmare! My girls had a few friends over from school today…

At one point I could not find my youngest. Sometimes she will find a spot in the house and will fall asleep… Well she was nowhere in the house and the kids said she wasn’t out in the back. My front door was locked so I knew she wasn’t out front… :/ I eventually found her…

Talk about gross! 🙂 She was hanging out with the 2 baby bunnies, the mom bunny and one of the baby chicks…
All the girls went to bed but my oldest could not fall asleep… So her and I stayed up and watched “So You Think You Could Dance”. Corom is working late tonight and Z (our Foriegn exchange student) went out with some friends, so it was just my oldest and I… Doing selfies. 🙂

Fun times!

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  1. Toby permalink

    Stop it Jen! No more mental crazies….you’ve done your training! I read it every day. Now is the time to believe and enjoy Grandmas! (Stop at Toby’s Bakery on the way up….they have the best cinnamon rolls ). Trust your training….you got it!

  2. I think it is totally normal to be nervous and question. I do this all the time. But the smart you knows that you are totally capable and one heck of a runner. I for one and terribly envious of your speed! Try your best to relax, meditate and pray. You will be great.

    By the way, I think there is nothing cute than a little one wrapped up in a beach blanket. That has snuggles written all over it!

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