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Running, Field Day, Party, Track & YW’s

May 29, 2014

I ran from my house this morning to meet up with the ladies at the high school. I ran a little over 8-8 1/2 miles in 1:07.02. It was a good run.
At home the girls wanted me to take their pictures while they are breakfast… So I did. 😉

At school, Corom and I were in charge of coming up with a game/relay for field day. The 3 younger girls came with and “helped out”.

We brought about 10 pairs of extra large old inmate/jail pants (Corom brought them home from work). We paired them up in 2’s and split them into 2 teams.

They had to hop to the bucket of water, scoop up water with a 1/4 cup from the bucket and dump it into a jar. They hopped back and tagged the next 2 in line.

It was so fun. The kids had a blast. It was a little awkward when Corom kept yelling for them to take their pants off. :/
We went to a good friend of ours, boy’s birthday party…

We took off for the youth track practice…

Yes, they learned high jump today. It is so fun watching the little kids learn the ins and outs of track. I headed off to my first Young Women’s activity tonight for my church. The girls are awesome!


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  1. The run nerd me thought that bottom pic had some great potential in the high jump. That was my absolute favorite. I was a successful figure skater and could always jump so high (higher than the guys…it was fun to make them jealous) so my dad had me to do the high jump. It was a funny sight because I was afraid to lean my head back so I did this odd head up butt down which made me lose a good 6″ and I still won most meets. People always stopped to stare.

    Telling the kids to take their pants off…its funny the things that could sound bad. When I teach lacrosse I am constantly shouting at the boys to grab their balls. The dumb child in me still chuckles EVERY time. Very mature, I know.

    • K this really made me laugh out loud. Corom and I couldn’t stop laughing (telling the boys to grab their balls). It is the dumb child in us but I love it!

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