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2 Days In One Post…

June 10, 2014

I met up with Amber and went for a 7 mile run and ended with 8 x 100 meter strides. It took me a good couple of miles to get into my rhythm. Once I finished my run, I felt good. I ran for 58:55 minutes (about 8 miles). The strides felt good! I stayed at the track (where we finished) and went right into cross country practice. We are meeting every Monday for the month of June before we go 5 days a week.

Then I stayed for youth track…

As you can see my youngest got into trouble. The girls had their 1st day of swim lessons…

Yolanda (my sister in law) and I took our kids and neighbor kids to the park to feed the ducks.

20140610-222429-80669754.jpg We had a few families over for dinner for Family night.


This morning I was able to sleep in until 6:15 and then went on a 41:42.80 minute easy recovery run. It felt good after the 1st couple of miles. Once I came home I had the girls eat, get ready, chores and then summer homework.

20140610-230147-82907419.jpg I have them do 15-20 minutes of “school” work to keep up on their studies. :/ I know… I’m a mean mom! Oh well. Then I took them to swimming lessons…

After I spent the rest of my day setting up for the track meet that we are hosting tonight. We are expecting about 400 kids from all over. The track meet went well!


After the meet, we got home to a party that Z (our foreign exchange student) was having. It was a goodbye party for her. Yeah… Corom and I had a friend of ours come DJ it. 🙂 I think Corom and his 2 friends had more fun than anyone else. :/

20140610-232716-84436216.jpg The HS kids liked it…

My mother-in-law made Z a blanket and everyone that came over signed it. It was neat and she loved it.

It is late and I have to get to bed.

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  1. That party looks like so much fun. You guys are the coolest hosts ever! So sad to see her go but that blanket is awesome.

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