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Getting Ready To Leave… A Few Surprises & A Busy Day

June 18, 2014

Where to begin… I got up this morning to run an easy 5 mile easy recovery run with a few of my running friends (Rachelle, Josie, Mac, Beth, Amber & Amber). I felt bad because I was 15 minutes late and they were all there waiting for me. I had to make a little stop on my way there… There was a girl walking on the main highway and I realized she ran out of gas. Long story short… I turned around, picked her up, went to my house, picked up a gas can, went to the gas station, took her back to her car, put the gas in her car and then continued on my way. πŸ™‚ Well as the ladies and I were running, they surprised me with a very special gift! I am leaving tomorrow for Minnesota and I am traveling alone. That stresses me out and I have been dreading the thought of going by myself. Well, the ladies informed me that they all (with a couple of others) pitched in and bought Corom a plane ticket! As we were running tears began to stream down my face. I couldn’t stop them (and I am not very emotional). I can not believe that they did that for me. Words cannot express my gratitude and love to them!!! I am so grateful for such wonderful friends! We ran 5 miles in 42:22.58. It felt good (my calves were a little sore but I think that is normal with tapering and having a massage). Soon after the girls and I went to the last youth track practice. We played games and ate treats.

And of course I had the younger kids help put away the high jump put… They rock! I then took the girls to their last day of swim lessons. And of course my youngest was pulled out again for not listening!

I did lots of laundry, packing and cleaning before tomorrow. Now that Corom is going, I had to figure out where the kids are going (thanks to my sister… I also had so many others volunteer) and figure everything else out. We stopped off at a friend of mine and I visited with her while the girls played.

The girls and I went to my friend, Amber’s house for a dinner for a pre-race party and an after race party. Some ran the 1/2 and full marathon last Saturday. It was so fun getting together with everyone and their kids! It was great food and great company. All my friends have been so supportive!!!

I then picked up my friend Tasha and Tasha and I picked up one of our young women girls (from church) out for ice cream… It is her birthday tomorrow. Very sweet girl!

It was nice visiting with her (well both of them for that matter). I came home and finished packing. I am so tired that I felt like I ran a marathon! πŸ˜‰

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  1. I am so excited for you. And so awesome that Corom gets to go with you!! What amazing friends you have. I am sorry but I am kind of sad that swimming is over. I was starting to get amused with the little one and her crying pics. Funny how kids are like that and I swear pools bring out the bad in all of us…no one listens at the pool!

  2. Amber miller permalink

    Jenny have fun this weekend!

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