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A Free Night In The Dorm, Mall Of America, Flight Back Home

June 23, 2014

This morning as I got up I realized I needed shampoo and conditioner… Corom offered to go pick some up for me as I began packing our things up. He came back a short time later with 2 hot cinnamon rolls. I was rather delighted until he pulled out the shampoo(s) and conditioner(s)…

I realized he got them from a hotel down the street. The thing with Corom is he can talk to people and they have no problem getting things for him. I finished getting ready and Corom went for a run. While he was out I heard a lot of noise outside our dorm room… No big deal, people coming to clean. Corom gets back, goes and takes his shower and comes back within 5-6 minutes (quick shower) telling me to hurry up and let’s go. Come to find out that they were shocked we were still there. I guess we were only supposed to be there until Sunday. :/ Corom checked his account to see if they charged him until Monday (because he was very sure we were supposed to stay there until Monday)… Nope, we were supposed to leave Sunday afternoon! No wonder it was completely cleared out yesterday. Because it was college kids cleaning the rooms out, they didn’t care… I felt so dumb! 🙂 We decided to head on out to Minneapolis (where we catch our flight for home). We ended up at the Mall Of America. I hate shopping but where we had 6 hours to kill, we figured no better place than the largest mall in America.

We goofed off more than actually going into the stores and then we went to a movie (The Edge Of Tomorrow). It was a lot better than I expected it to be. We eventually caught our flights back home…

My sister came and picked us up and we are headed back to her house to get the kids. It is almost midnight and we are tired.

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  1. This post was awesome. I laughed at the cinnamon rolls and shampoo/conditioner and then burst out laughing again that you stayed the dorms too long! What an adventure. Glad you made it back safely.

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