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Tuesday & Wednesday In One

June 25, 2014

Tuesday: I slept in as long as the girls allowed this morning. It felt great because I got out of bed around 7:45… 🙂 After their breakfast, they worked on their school work,

Did a little (very little) amount of chores, got ready, and then had friends over for the day.

They played, made crafts, went for ice cream, had fun with the horses, etc. I was able to get things done around the house! We had YW (all the young women from church) over here for the activity. We had a fire and ate s’mores…


Wednesday: Slept in again today until 7:15 (but didn’t go to bed until 2:15…I stayed up watching the Bachelorette :/). I was a little grumpy this morning. The girls had piano lessons and then they spent 2 1/2 hours in their rooms cleaning them. Oh they drive me crazy sometimes… They cried and fought and played for about 2 of those hours. When friends wanted to come over… Wow, 20-30 minutes later it was all done! I had 12 extra kids over (plus my 4)… A few other moms came over after a while to keep me sane and to keep me company.

Their were crafts, toys, kids everywhere but it was fun! Later in the evening, we went to our neighbor’s house for pie night. There were tons of pies to choose so of course I chose 6 different kinds to eat. The kids had fun with all the other kids running around.

This week has been nice not having to get up and run… I have been eating so much junk food though that it would be good for me to run. 🙂 Next week!

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  1. Ok, pie night sounds awesome!

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