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Chaos, Playing & Adventures…

June 27, 2014

Thursday: This morning there was a little chaos… I heard a loud crash up in the girl’s bedroom… 3 of my girls were downstairs with me and 1 was missing (my youngest). I ran upstairs and saw that their dresser has fallen over (with the hermit crab tank)…

I panicked and kept yelling my daughter’s name. I seriously felt like She-Ra (sorry that probably dated me just now)-some body building muscle woman- and I lifted that dresser up like it was nothing. (K with all the drawers out of it, it wasn’t that heavy.) Anyway… She wasn’t under there. I was SO relieved but then I looked around and felt discouraged.

This is the mess I was going to have to clean up! :/ Glass, sand, crab food and a little poop mixed in with all of that. I don’t know why the dresser fell over but I’m glad no one was up there. Oh, on a side note… This happened Thursday morning, it is now Friday and the mess is still there. I told Corom he was in charge of that. A little after breakfast my daughters come in crying because our dogs (well the older one)…

…Ate 2 of the girl’s chickens. They said they were missing and their feathers were in the yard. This is what was left of them (sorry for the disgusting picture… But I had to pick it up and throw it away).

We did go to our neighbor’s house… While us moms visited, Corom and all the kids played. (He worked a half day and met us there.)

After about 13 young women (12-18) from my church came over. We made scones and of course ate them. A few track kids also showed up (randomly) to visit. It was quit the crowd. One of the girls saw Corom mowing the lawn and asked if she could take over (it was her 1st time). Of course he didn’t want to hurt her feelings and say no, so he let her. 🙂 Shoot, I think I will see if they want to come over once a week. The Fullmer’s came over for dinner (Navaho tacos) and then I took the girls to this pathway (Christensen’s loop- 3/4 of a mile) and we went frog hunting. They ran a loop first (on my request) and the 2nd time around was the frog hunting. The sad faces are for not catching any.

Friday: This morning the girls went to their 1st tumbling/gymnastics practice. The Fullmer’s daughter is amazing at gymnastics and has offered to privately teach my girls (and another friends kids) once a week for $50 a month! It normally is $45 a month per child. The kids had a great time!!!

The girls had friends over and played outside all day. I was able to get a lot of cleaning done! There were a few reasons I had to stop cleaning… My 3rd child stepped on a small sharp rock. We had to pull it out of her foot…

The kid in the back of this picture hit his head on the swing and had a big bump on his forehead. :/

Other than that… It was a pretty smooth day. Once Corom got home, we headed up to the Fullmer’s house and we barbecued up there. We watched the Lego Movie, and then ate s’mores…



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  1. You guys have the best adventures. Rock and I are going to have to road trip it your way some day. I want to see all this awesomeness in action!

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