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My Break Is Over-Back To Running, The Day’s Events…

June 30, 2014

I took a whole week off of running and any form of exercise and it was great. So today as I met up with the high school kids for cross country practice, I was excited to run.

I do like running with the kids because they push me… I try to keep the front pack (varsity boys) in sight. Today was actually their recovery day, so I was able to keep up. We ran 7.1 miles in 48:10.78. My legs are still a little dead from the marathon a week ago but that will pass. At home, the girls worked on their “school work”…

And then we rode our bikes to Christensen’s loop, they ran/walked a lap around once and rode their bikes around once before we rode our bikes home.


I watched a few kids today and everyone just played in the backyard for the most part. All the kids got along great today! We had our Family Home Evening, ate ice cream cones…

And then Corom tried teaching our youngest to ride a bike tonight… Yeah it is going to take a while… Then the girls brought out 6 baby bunnies (if any of you want one let me know :/). The poor little bunnies!!!

The girls treat them like their stuffed animals.

Yesterday (Sunday) was a nice day. My 3rd child wasn’t feeling to well, though. Corom and the 2 older girls went to church and I stayed home with the 2 younger ones just in case she was coming down with something. She took a 3 1/2 hour nap and when she woke up was feeling so much better! We watched the World Cup soccer game today… It was Greece against Costa Rica. My mom is from Greece so of course I was rooting for Greece and Corom served an LDS mission in Costa Rica, so of course he wanted Costa Rica to win. Well…

20140630-205555-75355544.jpg… Costa Rica won. Of course he had to rub it in. The girls had fun… We just hung out and relaxed all afternoon.

We did have a few visitors throughout the day and Corom went to visit a couple of families but still a pretty low key day.

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