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Running To Playing

July 2, 2014

Tuesday: I got up this morning and went to the high school for cross country practice. I ran with the kids again.

Most of the kids ran about 7 miles. I ended up running 8 miles in 56:40.32. I felt good. I ran most the run with one of our female runners. She is a talented runner but doesn’t see it in her. It is something we are working on. 🙂 At home, I ran my 2 older girls to piano/violin lessons. When it was over the girls and I hung out at there place for a while. My girls and Amber’s kids get along great.

This afternoon, the kids played with more friends and neighbors and then this evening I went to YW’s (young women’s). The girls tonight worked on their skits for girls camp… Fun times!

My girls went to a good friend of mine (also my neighbor’s) house while I was at YW’s and Corom was at a meeting.

The girls had a lot of fun over there.

Wednesday: When I woke up this morning to go for my run, I had to stop to take a picture of some sleeping arrangements.

20140702-174039-63639840.jpg My youngest fell asleep in one of her drawers. Talk about uncomfortable! Their dresser broke a few days ago so I took their drawers out and laid them on the floor. Anyway… I met up with Josie, Aubrey and Mac this morning. We ran up Payson canyon… It was a pretty uphill. I ran up 35 minutes and then had to turn around.

The other 3 continued on their way up and I finished running down the canyon on my own. I ran for 53:31.37. It felt good! I made it to cross country practice and we sent them on a 4-7 mile run up a hill that climbed 3 1/2 miles up.

The girls and I went to a neighbor’s house to help make baklava a Greek dessert with some of the young women that go to our church. I love Baklava!

Sara and I (my neighbor) went and grabbed lunch together at a burger place in Stone Drugs pharmacy. It was so good! It was a little section in the pharmacy.

We had a “play day” at my house today… Lots of moms and lots of kids.


My mother-in-law came by later and took the girls for a few hours. She fed them dinner as well and then brought them home just in time for bed (7:30 tonight… They are so tired). Corom works late tonight so it was weird having dinner by myself. I could hear myself chew… I was able to get things done. It is now 8:45 p.m. And I am so tired… I’m going to read for a little bit and then call it a night!

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  1. The sleeping pic is so adorable. I said that out loud and Rock was behind me. He chimed in and said, “Yeah I know I saw that earlier.” I also love the lounging and drinking pic. Who’s the beach model?!

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