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Girl’s Camp

July 9, 2014

Sunday: Well it is Sunday again… The girls were a little difficult in church today. I don’t know what it is about Fast Sundays but they seem to be a little more hyper and everyone who knows me, knows I am a little grumpy when I am fasting. My oldest woke up this morning and said she wanted to fast… We told her she could if she wanted. She skipped breakfast. I was impressed but I made a point that their is no pressure! The money that we would have spent on food goes to the people that need a little more help and support. So we donate it through the church known as Fast Offerings. Their is a lot more to fasting (wonderful blessings, asking our Lord for help and/or guidance, etc.). Anyway, the girls played a lot, fought a lot, teased each other all afternoon…

They did spend a lot of time playing with a bunch of material they got from their grandma (G-Goat). Thanks G-Goat. No messes there to cleanup. 😉 We did have a family over for dinner tonight. It was nice to visit and hang out. Later I put the girls to bed and Corom and a few other guys went up the canyon to get stuff ready for girl’s camp (a few hundred girls and many leaders- myself included) will be going up tomorrow. It should be fun!

Monday: I went out for a 51:58.61 minute run. I was dragging for the first mile… Then I was able to shake it off and get into a rhythm. I did run into quit a few people that I would talk/run with for a little while. It made the run pleasant. The last 2 miles I pushed my pace a bit to an uncomfortable pace. It was good because I have not pushed myself since the marathon. I took the girls to a free children’s Zumba class… It is all week long. They loved it.

It’s at South Valley Gym. After cleaning, packing and getting things ready for the girls… I left for our church girl’s camp. Corom was at work and one of the girls I coach watched the kids. They had so much fun! I stayed over night camping (the camp goes from Monday-Thursday). I’m going Monday, all day Tuesday, come home late Tuesday night and then I will go back Wednesday afternoon until late Wednesday night. The theme for girls camp is the Olympics. Each ward (group) picked a country. We were Greece. 🙂

We hiked, did crafts, goofed around, cooked, passed off different things, played games…



We had spiritual experiences, saw many disgusting bugs, had water fights, did skits, celebrated birthdays, ate good food, had Dutch oven desserts and the girls made good friendships…


It was fun. My girls hung out with aunt Yolanda and their cousins all day while dad was at work. They went to Zumba again then played the rest of the afternoon. I did get a run in on Tuesday morning. I ran the trails around camp. I went for 44:40 minutes. It was beautiful and peaceful!


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  1. Hooray for a fun week of camp. I myself am up in northern Wisconsin for a week of hockey camp at the boys camp Rock went to as a boy. It is a blast. I thought of you today as I passed a LDS hidden in the woods up here in this tiny town. Made me smile.

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